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Nat Nichols and Ellen Kolikoff

Nat Nichols and Ellen Kolikoff

Nat and Ellen met almost 25 years ago. Despite the fact that they’re both Leos and one grew up in the Bronx and the other in Brooklyn, they remained friends and became business partners.

Back then, Ellen worked for a large media company as an Associate Creative Director in its Direct Marketing division. Nat specialized in marketing, media, and also finance. Combining talents, they’re doing what they love more than anything (except perhaps cycling – it’s a toss up).

Photography has always been important to them. When he was 14, Nat built a darkroom in his mother’s home. His high school and merchants paid him to photograph for the yearbook. Professional photography, like marketing, has always been a major part of his life. Ellen’s father, who was an avid photographer himself, gave her a Brownie when she was eight. He taught her how to remove the film and get it into the processing tank (standing between clothes in a dark closet) and then how to make prints. The rolls of film and tanks are long gone, gear has improved with time and experience… their work is constantly sought out by clients.

Nat and Ellen feel blessed to live in New York City, where the opportunities to meet and shoot interesting and amazing people are endless. When they’re not busy with clients, you may see them shooting in Prospect Park, Coney Island, the High Line, DUMBO, or some other fabulous photo locations the city and east coast offer.

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