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Youth is wasted on the young…” George Bernard Shaw

Maybe. We’re on the sidelines of a HS football game. My Physical Therapist is the athletic trainer for one of the teams.

If you’ve ever played sports, you know there aren’t enough records of your great exploits. (Of course, there’s that obligatory team picture.) Really, It’s just a (sports) photo right?

Often that’s true in life as well. We count ourselves lucky when our great moments are seen and also “captured” – those little victories, astounding moments in time, we all have… You know, “Me” at my ‘best,’ my momentary display of  beauty-grace-power or more, served up, presented… and then it’s gone… faded to oblivion or folktale. Another one of (grand)pa’s stories. It’s just a (sportLehman-vs-Truman-11.22.15-November-22-2015-574-Edit-1024x638s) photo right?

The best story and teller described will never match the power and impact of a properly framed photograph; that moment in time when someone caught us, displayed at our best. Is it really “Just” a … photo???

It’s what …we do…



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